Getting a Coffee Enema to Detoxify the Body

The coffee enema has been used for cleansing and cleansing the body for countless years. It’s usage dates back about 4000 years to the time of the Hindu Vedas, the earliest recognized medical textbook, and ever since it has been used in virtually every ancient culture as a way of cleansing and cleansing the body. The ancient Greeks, Chinese, Romans and Sumerians all have recorded use of enema to cleanse the bowel.

Hippocrates the daddy of modern-day medication (400BC) described the enema as useful method to clean up the intestinal tracts. His writings were utilized in lots of medical textbooks and the enema was a popular medical treatment for various health conditions. In the 17th Century the enema was preferred, and the majority of homes kept an enema for their own personal use. In reality it was common for many people to have 3 to 4 enemas a day.

What Is a Coffee Enema and How Does it Work?

A coffee enema is a way of presenting water consisting of coffee into the rectum. This does not have the exact same effect as drinking coffee orally. The veins in the anus are really close to the wall of the tissue, thus the coffee is taken up into the veins much easier and in much higher concentration than when it is taken orally. It is then take straight to the liver by the portal flow.

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When it reaches the liver the coffee and its metabolites (theophylline and theobromine) has a two fold result: first of all it acts to stimulate the liver detoxification enzymes which causes a boost in the blood cleansing, and second of all it triggers the bile ducts to open totally and to release more bile. The liver is accountable for clearing the blood of the majority of the toxic substances and toxins it contains and if the liver is unable to do this function well, a buildup of contaminants will flood your body resulting in health problem and disease.

As cited by many reputable sources on the web (such as ),a coffee enema when correctly used can result in a big increase in the function of the liver detox enzymes (glutathione and superoxide dismutase) which directly leads to cleaner blood and a healthier body. Also as the coffee enema triggers more bile to be produced and more bile to flow through the bile ducts, a harmful liver can purge large amounts of toxins through the bile quickly to detoxify the body of large volumes of toxic substances. This can provide quick relief often cause a sensation of wellness and relief, particularly for someone who is heavily strained with contaminants and disease.

How Can You Do A Coffee Enema

To perform a coffee enema you require the following enema devices:

An enema bag with enema nozzle, pure organic coffee (ideally raw coffee), pure distilled or reverse osmosis water, lubricant (oil or vaseline), a quiet clean location where you can be alone and will not be disturbed, and which has a tile or timber flooring (in case of leakage!), a towel, tissues or toilet tissue, a watch or clock, and some soothing music or a book. You can conveniently purchase all the equipment like organic coffee enema kit you need online from reputable stores.

After you have actually boiled the pure natural coffee for a few minutes on the stove, simmer it for 5 minutes on low heat. Then allow it to cool. You will need to add some more cool distilled or reverse osmosis water to the coffee mix to make sure it is at body temperature level. Filter the coffee to make sure there are no strong little bits of coffee in the mix, then put it into the enema bag with the enema nozzle outlet clamped closed. You will have to fill it up to the 1 liter mark.

Location a towel on the floor where you will perform the treatment, and have some pillows all set to support your head.

Lay on your best side and then lubricate the pointer of the enema tube and also your anal region with some lube. Take a deep breath and insert the tip into your rectum, no greater than 3 inches.

After it is placed you can then slowly open the clamp to permit the coffee mix to stream into your anus. But please do this slowly as if too much fluid is launched too quickly you may feel convulsions and you will not be able to hold the coffee for the required time.

As you gradually insert the coffee mix, it is a great idea to stop and stop briefly as you feel the pressure build up then carefully massage the lower left side of your abdomen to allow the coffee to flow past the bend in your colon here referred to as the sigmoid flexure.

After all the coffee has actually been placed into your colon you must try to hold the fluid for 12-15 minutes. This may not be possible the first time you do the enema, but with practice you will have the ability to develop to this gradually. Keep massaging your abdomen whilst you are awaiting the time to elapse. You can roll over onto your back after a number of minutes on your side, and continue the massaging.

Concentrate on your breathing as the desire to release the material of your bowels start to overwhelm you, and attempt to hold for at least 12 minutes. After an optimum of 15 minutes you can then go to the toilet and launch your bowel contents. As you do this it is best to squat with your feel on the toilet seat so that your thighs are pressed up versus your abdominal area. This supports your colon and prevents a prolapse or weak points in the colon wall from happening (which can cause diverticular disease and other problems).

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